One Final Night

I just love cyberspace. One great thing about it: sites like Blogging for Books where you can get free books in exchange for book reviews. Another is getting to know authors on sites like Twitter who offer their stories for free. Thank you to Wendy Young who did just that.

“One Final Night” is a short short, only eighteen pages, but do those eighteen pages ever pack a punch.

The only problem I’m having with this review is not saying too much. After all, what details can I give that won’t spoil it for you?

Let me leave you with just a few things that challenged me…

1. I must cherish each day.

2. I must never take my loved ones for granted.

3. No-one’s perfect – not even me.

4. When all seems lost, love and hope may still find a way.

5. Sometimes one or two scenes are all that are needed.

6.  The “truth” of a story lies deeper than the surface details.

Use this link to download your own free copy of “One Final Night”…

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