The Survivor

The Survivor (cover)This is the first book by DiAnn Mills that I’ve read . . . but it won’t be the last.

If you’ve read any of my book reviews – or pretty much any of my writing – you’ll realize relationships are very important to me. A brilliant plot and gripping storyline propel me forward, but I must, must, must care about the characters.

It didn’t take me long to grow attached to the fearless Kariss Walker or the Buzz Lightyear loving Tigo Harris. While they do not make their debut appearances in The Survivor, I was not lost or confused by references to their previous interactions.

What matters to me in a story?

Characters I love – or hate/fear/want to clobber. It doesn’t matter much. This book has it covered.

Believable, three-dimensional characters . . .  check.

Enough cliffhangers (aka hooks) to keep me turning the pages but not so many I don’t have time to breathe . . . uh, huh.

Twists and turns that keep me guessing yet a cathartic ending . . . not easy to accomplish, but the author does it well.

Faith that is organically woven in . . . This book may be the best I’ve ever read in this regard.

I was delighted to see The Survivor on our public library’s display of new books. It made choosing a summer read extremely easy.

I give it four out of five bull’s eyes or bestsellers . . . considering one main character is an author and the other an FBI agent.

Thank you to my good friend Darlene Turner for introducing me to DiAnn Mills and her books.

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