Trees of the Book

Kim Payne's Book CoverKimberley Payne has written about faith, family, and fitness . . . and now she has written about foliage as well. (Yes . . . yes, I do like alliteration.)

You’ve climbed them. You’ve chopped them up for firewood. Perhaps your house is made of them. But have you ever considered how many trees are mentioned in God’s Word?

Oak. Fig. Cypress. And many more. Readers young and not-so-young will learn interesting facts about these and many others in Trees of the Book.

But Kimberley’s latest work isn’t just a list of facts. It’s so much more than that. Each vignette is told from the tree’s perspective. Each write-up includes questions to take readers beyond information to application. And, being an activity book, there are a variety of things to do right in the book (word search, colouring page, etc.) – as well as a list of suggested activities near the end. (It is written primarily for children in Grades 2 and 3, but will appeal to a much broader audience.)

While each story is from a specific portion of scripture, there are lists of references for further study. (I never realized what a prominent role trees play in God’s Story.)

Perhaps the most powerful section – from my perspective, at least – is the list of additional times trees are mentioned in the Bible. For example, think of the tree that was used to fashion the Saviour’s cross. Just thinking about it makes me stop short.

Learn more on March 24 when Kimberley will be my guest on SNEI.

Also, check out Kimberley’s Facebook page.

To order your copy of Trees of the Book, visit Amazon.


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