unEmployed Faith

I connected with Rosann Cunningham online. I’ve found the social networks to be wonderful places to meet new authors.

Rosann wrote unEmployed Faith based on personal experience. I love the working title, “Clothing yourself in strength and perseverance through his season of unemployment.” The author’s target audience is Christian women whose husbands are currently out of work, although others will benefit from reading the book as well.

To me, the two most impressive elements of the book are 1) the author’s focus on getting to know the Lord and trusting Him even in the dark days of unemployment and 2) her honesty when it comes to her own shortcomings. She doesn’t claim she’s always gotten it right.

Chapters include “Activate a Life of Faith,” “Your Circle of Support,” “Finding Joy in the Storm,” and seven others.

Each chapter includes a coping tip and a challenge. There are several practical suggestions throughout for implementing the suggestions the author makes.

Many of the lessons in unEmployed Faith are relevant for every Christian woman. It is crucial for all of us to trust God with our future, when things are going well and when they’re not. At times, we must swallow our pride and ask others for help. Our husbands need our love and support, not our judgment and criticism. These and many other observations encouraged and challenged me. I hope they will do the same for you.

Is it polished, perfect, and flawless? To be honest, no. As an editor, I caught a few things along the way. However, I highly recommend this book for those who are going through a time of unemployment and want to do so with dignity and grace.


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