Yesterday’s Tomorrow

I read a review of Catherine West’s Yesterday’s Tomorrow quite a while back on God With Us: Finding Joy ( I put it on my To Read Someday list.

A book set in Vietnam during the war wouldn’t normally have been my first choice, but the more I read, the more it drew me in. Of course, I want a story with a compelling plot, but I’m primarily drawn to characters that I grow to care about. And YT definitely fits the bill.

I love books. I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I turn the last page. However, I don’t always look forward to that time of day when I can open a specific book and plunge into the story, but that’s exactly how I felt about reading YT.

It’s not an easy book to read, but anyone who is old enough to remember the Vietnam War knows it wasn’t an easy time. Emotions ran high. The author doesn’t pull her punches. Because of it, it is a compelling story. The characters are real. Their stories are real. Their joys are real. And so are their heartaches.

The author doesn’t create a sanitized version of reality, nor does she overwhelm readers with too much disturbing detail. To me, she strikes the delicate balance.  And it’s just plain believable – another element of fiction that truly matters to me.

The pages of YT overflow with action, suspense, drama, character interplay, and an overarching romance (minus the fluff). If this appeals to you, I highly recommend Yesterday’s Tomorrow.

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