Nothing Casual about Wonder

I’m reading Jenna Lucado Bishop’s From Blah to Awe. While it was written for teen girls, there is much for all of us to learn within its pages. Our lives should truly overflow with wonder and awe, and the author gives practical steps on how to nurture and develop those traits.

I love the fact that she asks questions and leaves space for readers to journal right in the book. Although I’m reading an e-copy and write my responses on my computer, those blanks discourage me from sailing past the questions.

Some of the questions and comments really got me thinking…

Jenna asks readers to describe a time they were feeling blah about God. Most of us wouldn’t even admit this was ever the case, and yet the entire book makes us face our human tendencies to get bored with what and who we think we know.

She also calls us to look at “the ugly parts” of our hearts. While she writes with sensitivity and love, she does not pull her punches. And I am most thankful.

Questions like “What consumes your mind the most?” cause me to stop and admit that the greatness of God and the wonder of His Word are not always at the forefront of my thinking.

And while I am a proponent of the benefits of technology, I do recognize that I can allow myself to spend too much time on the social networks. I can only imagine what it would be like if I owned an iPod and/or an iPhone. Technology has quickly gone from being a means to accomplish our tasks more quickly and efficiently to something that keeps us from 1) being still and knowing that He is God and 2) interacting face-to-face with the people who are all around us.

And one question I hope to keep in mind each and every day is this: “What if that’s what you kept in mind…Every person you pass is eternal.” That plus the fact that God is to have the #1 place in our lives is the crux of the matter.

It doesn’t matter if people like me.

It doesn’t matter that I make them comfortable.

It doesn’t matter that I spend my time doing good things.

If I am not in awe of God – if I do not seek to make Him known – I don’t truly love Him and I don’t truly love those with whom I rub shoulders.

Jenna’s father, Max Lucado, has long been my favourite author. I am thankful to God that both of them have challenged me to live as God commands.

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