Worship Matters

Thirteen members of our church attended the Worship Matters conference in Lansing, MI, in February. The conference was led by Bob Kauflin. (You can read more here.)

Although I wasn’t going to go when I first heard about it, I’m glad I reconsidered. It wasn’t that I was exposed to a lot of information I hadn’t heard before – though there was some. It was more about me being in a different place, a place where I was really ready to hear what was being said.

Although I’ve felt comfortable for years in settings where people expressed their worship outwardly, I hadn’t been bold enough to do so in a very long time. That being the case, I found, in many ways, my heart had grown hard and callused.

I’m not talking about clapping or raising your hands for the sake of doing so. I’m referring to expressing the overflow of one’s heart in a way others can see.

There is an old Sunday School song that says, “Our God is so big, so strong, and so mighty; there’s nothing our God cannot do.”

If, indeed, that is the God I claim to worship, it makes sense that others can see it.

One of the best parts of the weekend for me was our brainstorming sessions Friday and Saturday night. I enjoyed participating in the conversation and hearing what others had to say.

Here are some of their thoughts…

“He commands that I love and worship Him with all my heart (whole being), soul (emotions), mind (intellect), and strength (body).” ~ Pastor Doug

“I’ve also felt the change in the fact that we are now starting to realize that there is absolutely no need to be ashamed about how we should be worshiping, whether that be clapping or raising our hands.” ~ Sharon (first year Bible college student)

“I feel a shell has been broken off of me that had been restricting my worship. I feel free now to glorify Him and Him alone—the way I feel comfortable.” ~ Anette (worship team member)

“We must worship both vertically and horizontally, ensuring what is done is done for the glorification of God, as well as edification of the body.” ~ Aislinn (singer)

And finally, Bob Kauflin says, “Worship is all of me responding to all of whom God has revealed Himself to be.”

Worship really does matter, and there’s nothing casual about it.

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