The Visit

I’m honoured to have gifted poet and precious friend, Heather Joyes, guest post today.

She came to visit
For tea and conversation,
Sweet honey cakes were ready,
Without warning,
A chill filled the room
As unkind words were spoken,
The deed complete
She left, never looking back,
Stunned, I bade farewell,
Saddened, I turned to my Saviour,
And faithful friend.

Guest Poet

While I still want to write 31 poems this month, I have been too busy to keep up with the daily challenges at OctPoWriMo

Today I would like to feature two poems by my dear friend Heather Joyes.

Subtle change,
Almost imperceptible to discern,
Causing concern,
Foreseeing a negative shift
To a special privilege at risk,
Thankful I rejoice,
Expressing all care to Him
Knowing His peace is a gift,
Trusting He will lead
Silent echoes
Drift in,
A chaotic repetition
Of unspoken dialogue,
No lilting notes,
Rather simultaneous tones,
Intermingle in discord,
Seeking attention
As they swirl together,
Only He can bring
Peace and order
As I pray,
And trust in Him.

What If He Messed Up?

Welcome to guest blogger Jennifer Moye, a fellow member of Compel Training.

Take it away, Jennifer.

Do you ever feel like God might have messed up? This life, this job, these kids … even this marriage. It’s just too hard to be what God really intended for me, right? I don’t deserve to live this way …

Most of us have probably thought these thoughts before. Maybe even said them out loud. Maybe even acted on them. I have.

This season of my life is one where I feel like God has taken one of those big sheets of Sandpapercoarse sandpaper and roughed me up a bit … trying to shape me to look more like Him. He has a lot of sanding left to do! But each day, as I try to clear my head and spend a little time with Him simply listening for His word, I can see Him revealing Himself to me. Continue reading “What If He Messed Up?”

Measuring Our Worth

I am thrilled to have Ashley Geist-Cusick guest posting today. Ashley and I “met” through COMPEL Training.

Take it away, Ashley …

Why is it that our self-worth is sometimes so deeply and directly connected to how productive we are? I believe in hard work, sticking with something until finished and persevering to and through goals, but at what point does our attachment to achievement become toxic? Continue reading “Measuring Our Worth”

Snowdrifts by Tandy Balson

I am thrilled to welcome Tandy Balson to my blog today. Tandy finds God’s fingerprints in her day-to-day life and is a real inspiration to many.

Take it away, Tandy …Tandy Balson Front Cover

We woke up to blizzard conditions. The weather forecast had been telling us this was coming for the previous few days, but I refused to believe it until it actually happened. The snow, along with the high winds accompanying it, was creating immense snowdrifts. It was fascinating to see how the snow was being sculpted. The drifts on the driveway meant that I didn’t have to go anywhere, and I looked forward to a quiet day to relax and reflect.

Soon the house started to cool off and turning up the furnace didn’t help. It would come on and then go off again. The little bit of air that did come through was definitely not warm. My husband went outside to investigate and found a large snowdrift up against the side of the house, completely blocking the furnace vent. When the fresh air couldn’t be accessed, the furnace wouldn’t work properly. Soon he had it cleared off and heat returned to our home.

This was another reminder to me not to let things pile up in my life. When the wind blows, my pile of “stuff” causes a chill that makes everything and everyone around me uncomfortable. The warmth disappears and the only way to regain it is to clear away the drifts that caused the problem. Depending on the amount to be cleared, this can be a daunting task. I may not have the words or know how to pray for what is needed, but the Holy Spirit breathes fresh air and life into me. The Spirit interprets what is in my heart. God understands, and by coming to him in prayer daily, I can keep those drifts from forming.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13 NIV).

*UPDATE: Tandy has generously offered to give iBook copies of Dragonflies, Snowdrifts & Spice Cake to the first five commenters. 

Tandy Balson

Tandy Balson is a mother, grandmother, friend, volunteer, and observer of life. She is the author of Inspirations From The Everyday and Dragonflies, Snowdrifts & Spice Cake. Tandy also blogs twice a week and is a sought-after inspirational speaker. Find out more at

Photo Credit: Sarah Grace Photography’

Moments Alone by Barbara Ayton

Lonely Woman 3

Quiet moments
like rare jewels
precious to find

Hid within this
dense, grey, hard life
veins of truth are there unearthed

Wield the pick, Lord,
discard the rubble
let so much clutter fall away

Leaving exposed
and glistening
clarity of thought

Barbara is a dear friend and fellow member of Women Writing for Christ. She and her family have found God faithful as they face the challenge of ALS. Her husband, Bruce, was diagnosed two-and-a-half years ago.

Into the Hand of God

Once again, I want to thank my dear friend Heather Joyes for allowing me to share one of her poems with you.

Bird & Sunshine

Praise as prayers go forth
With humility and trust,
To travel the halls of time
To the most hallowed place.

Upward with silent winged flight,
Through boundless, ethereal sky,
Each with the promise
To be heard on high.

They soar with strength,
Carried by love and faith
Into the hand of God,
For His will be done.