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For those of you who read my ROW check-ins, please forgive any redundancy. My fellow ROWers, this will serve as my Sunday check-in this week. To sum up on results . . . I’m slowly motoring along and except things to pick up in the near future.

I have joined a blog hop that runs from now until March. Participants will be posting every other week on a variety of writing-related topics. I invite you to visit my new friends. (Link below.)

Our first assignment is to list our writing goals for 2014. Although I’ve done so on a regular basis, I have chosen to fill in a little more detail.

My primary writing goal for the year is to blog – lots!

The plan is to post here five times per week: two ROW check-ins as well as three other posts.

I write Monday Motivation weekly, which you can read at Christian Editing Services. Each of these posts is writing-related, usually in the form of writing prompts.

I also blog regularly at Kimberley Payne’s site. As a personal trainer, making healthy choices is important to me. It’s not always something I do, mind you, so these posts serve as an encouragement and challenge to me as well.

I have the privilege of posting monthly at Under the Cover of Prayer. How thankful I am to Janis Cox for inviting me to do so!

I have yet to start, but I have expressed interest in blogging on the InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship site. Again, I will be sharing writing-related information.

As a labour doula, pregnancy and childbirth are definitely topics of interest to me. Therefore, I have agreed to post monthly at The Birthing Site.

I may be working with a writing/editing client to set up a blog. Her family has faced many challenges and I think this would be a wonderful way to raise interest for the book she’d like to write.

While I expect all other writing to take a backseat to the above, I’ll also mention some of the projects I would like to work on – at some point.

I have several ideas for children’s picture books and really must keep submitting the manuscripts I’ve already written.

I began a novel sometime back that may be my focus of this blog hop. I very much like the premise and haven’t read anything quite like it, so I think it’s worth pursuing.

I pitched an idea for a series for tweens and it was well-received. It is simmering away at the back of my mind but will require a good amount of research and outlining – not two of my strong points.

So, there you have it, the definite plans and the “just maybes.”

I realize plans are subject to change, but it’s good to give myself something to aim for.

Learn more about the other blogger here:…/my-writing-goals…/

A New Schedule

For the sake of accountability and as a heads-up as to what you can expect to see here in the days ahead, let’s give this a try.

Successful Sunday and Winning Wednesday

A Round of Words in 80 Days check-ins

Monday Musings

It all began with “Free to Soar.” So, Monday posts will include musings on flight.


Since there is no day of the week that begins with “d,” Tuesdays will be Doula Days. (I knew I could get the alliteration in there somehow.)

Being a labour doula is definitely one of the best. jobs. EVER!

Theology Thursday

What am I learning from God’s Word?

You can check out my older posts over at Casual Theology.

Fitness Friday

If you’re new to my blog (and if you are, WELCOME!), you may not know I’m a personal trainer. On Fridays I will share health and fitness tips.

These, too, used to be on a separate site, Tips for Fitness.

Surplus Saturday

~ catch-up day in case I don’t post daily during the previous week

~ monthly book reviews (older ones over at Book Revu)

So, there you have it: my new schedule. Kind of crazy, huh? Maybe I should have called it “Slumbering Saturday” instead.

August 5 ROW Check-in

Living in slow motion. Not good.


Last Week

~ chatted online for almost two hours with my son out west (Yay!)

~ attended a wedding with my hubby (Lovely!)

This Week

~ Son #1 flies home from Europe on Monday

~ going out on Tuesday with hubby and friends who share our anniversary –  same day, same year


I’m expecting the call any day now from a mom whose wee one has been showing signs of arriving “early.”


The blogging is almost on track. Creativity and inspiration have been sadly lacking of late.

Research possible e-publishing options for a client and me – Monday is a holiday in Canada, so I hope to get lots of editing done, plus make a huge dent in researching e-publishing options.


My goal was to complete the first edit of my client’s children’s chapbook by Saturday, August 4. New deadline: Monday, August 6

I received the picture book manuscript and went through it at the end of the week. Only minor tweaking needed.


I’ve been asked to write a guest blog, so I hope to get that done this week. That will count as one submission. This is another thing I hope to accomplish this weekend.

I’ll have to develop a concrete plan of attack or regularly submitting is just not going to happen.


When one feels inexplicably tired and dozes off at the drop of a hat, it is very difficult to read.


I’m moving in the right direction – for one reason, I have to answer to my trainer at our next session (August 14).

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat dessert only on weekends (I‘m doing better.)

~ be down two pounds by Monday morning (I’ll let you know on Wednesday.)

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (doing not too bad)

Even when you’re moving slowly, keep moving in the right direction.

August 1 ROW Check-in

Despite the cold my hubby shared with me, things are pretty much on track.


This Week

~ still no word from the potential buyer of my son’s computer

~ Skype call to my son will have to happen some weekend; he doesn’t always have Internet access during the work week

~ invite daughter to hang out on Friday (done; hopefully, she’ll be able to)

~ finalize arrangements to go out for dinner next week with a couple who share our anniversary, same year and everything; too cool!

~ still contemplating where to go for a weekend away with my hubby


The blogging is on track.

Research possible e-publishing options for a client and me – to begin in earnest this coming weekend


My goal was to complete the first edit of my client’s children’s chapbook by Saturday. This is very doable.

I’m still waiting for a children’s picture book manuscript, but the author has been too busy to get it sent off.


I’ve been asked to write a guest blog, so I hope to get that done this week. That will count as one submission.

Plus, I’m looking into some writing contests.


I’m behind in my fiction and non-fiction reading, but I hope to get a fair amount done on the weekend.


The cold kicked my butt, but it’s on the way out, so I should be able to get back at it tomorrow.

Additional Fitness Goals

~ eat dessert only on weekends <averting eyes and humming>

~ lose at least two pounds between Monday, July 30 and Sunday, August 5 (I’m going to have to change the start date to Wednesday, August 1 because I didn’t get around to weighing myself Monday morning.)

ROW-specific Goals

~ visit other ROWers’ sites weekly (check)

Thanks for stopping by. You are appreciated.

Last Round 2 ROW Check-in

To sum up . . .

Editing Goals

Complete edit of 90,000-word manuscript on prayer ~ DONE

Complete edit of 27,000-word fiction manuscript ~ needs rewrite, goal for Round 3

Edit three poems ~ All of my friends poems have been edited.

Continue as first editor of the Write! On news bulletin ~ check

Writing Goals

Blogging ~ This has fallen by the wayside; I must get back at it for Round 3.

Two five-minute skits for our mid-week kids’ program ~ DONE

Submissions Goals

Submit two items per month starting this month ~ didn’t happen; goal for Round 3

Ultimate Goal: catch up for missed months ~ forget playing catch-up; I don’t want to set myself up for ongoing “failure”

Reading Goals

Reading for my course ~ DONE

Reading to maintain my PTS certification ~ DONE

Skills development ~ Steve Laube (a literary agent I met at the writers conference) gave us his recommended list of the best books for skills development; my Round 3 goal will be to read at least one of his four top picks.

Fiction ~ My revised, doable goal will be to read/finish three novels by the end of the year; I didn’t do much fiction reading from January through June.

Doula Certification Requirements

It’s all in the hands of those who will mark it now. I’m just waiting for word on how I did.

Exercise & Fitness Goals

Tee hee! Tee hee hee! (Next time . . . I’ll do better next time.)

Row Specific Goals

Check in twice per week ~ only missed once

Check in with other ROWers ~ I need the accountability of being a sponsor; Kait has graciously welcomed me back.

Keep in touch with my writing buddy ~ very casually; usually through FB, sometimes Twitter

Don’t know what ROW is, check out A Round of Words in 80 Days and join us next time.

Quote of the Day

I think I can! I think I can!

ROW June 17 Check-in

What a great conference!

If you’ve never gone to a writers’ conference, I would highly recommend it. Where else can we rub shoulders with fellow writers, editors, publishers, agents, and social media experts?

The upside . . . meeting and reconnecting with lots of great people.

The downside . . . coming home with thirteen new books when my real and virtual shelves are already bulging with unread volumes, that and the fact that it’s really hard to walk by my new friends’ books without buying them. Sigh!

Alas, now it is time to get back to the real world.

Editing ~ The YA novel will have to wait until next week.

Rewriting ~ This is on the agenda for next week as well.

Ghostwriting ~ I hope to make significant headway on this over the coming week, maybe even get the first draft completed.

Reading ~ The stack of new books (and not-so-new books) is beckoning.

ROWing ~ I look forward to visiting some of you this week.

Exercise ~ the goal: five thirty-minute sessions this week

All the best as you finish up this round.

June 13 ROW Check-in

My “work week” is over and now it’s time to finish getting ready for the writers conference.

The biggest challenge … figuring out what my focus will be this year (besides reconnecting with some amazing friends) and preparing my “elevator pitch.”

Editing ~ I’ve edited the first chapter of my newest client’s YA novel. I really like it. That always makes the job easier.

Rewriting ~ I plan to get back at this after I return from the conference. My client is so understanding. He emailed me yesterday just to thank me for all I’m doing for him. Wow!

Ghostwriting ~ Chapter 2 was well received. I would like to get the first draft of Chapter 3 done before heading to bed tonight.

Reading ~ I had planned on doing pleasure reading on Sundays. So far, that hasn’t happened. Maybe this week.

ROWing ~ I will be sponsoring the next round. Hooray! I best get busy visiting some of you, my fellow ROWers.

Exercise ~ I haven’t had the motivation to get up and exercise first thing. If I don’t do so, it just doesn’t happen. I think I’ll back bedtime up by half an hour. Hopefully, that will help.

Doula Update ~ still waiting for my evaluation

Personal Training ~ I just have to fire off my annual fee and I’m good for another year. I don’t want to let my certification lapse. It think it dovetails nicely with being a birth doula. You never know what business venture I might embark on in the future.

Office Administrator ~ I’m loving my job. It is such a blessing learning the ropes in the summer when things are quieter.

Sunday’s Check-in will likely be overflowing with exciting news from the conference. Talk to you soon.

June 10, 2012 ROW Check-in

I’ve completed (for the most part) editing both 90,000-word manuscripts. Hooray!

I will be writing a review of Amber Dreams. I can’t wait to hold my friend’s first novel in my hands. It’s a great story, one she has worked on for as long as I’ve known her. Plus, I’m already looking forward to the sequel.

Now, it’s on to other things.

Editing ~ A new client emailed me her YA novel on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to reading it. I think she’s going to fill a niche in the market. I’m so excited to be working with her. (Plus, she lives so close, we’re going to “do lunch” at the end of the month. Woo hoo!)

Rewriting ~ I plan to get back at this after I return from the writers’ conference at the end of the week.

Ghostwriting ~ The plan is to work on this Monday through Wednesday of this coming week and the after I return from the conference.

Reading ~ It’s great when work and reading go hand-in-hand. I do hope to spend some time purely for pleasure tomorrow – pleasure and perhaps, skill development.

ROWing ~ I do much better checking in with my fellow ROWers when I’m a sponsor. I’ve fired off an email to see if Kait has any spots that still need filling.

Exercise ~ I’ve exercised three and a half times this past week. “Why the half?” you ask. I only worked out for about fifteen minutes on Saturday. Although I hit most major muscle groups, it doesn’t really count as a full workout.

Doula Update ~ I will probably here within a month or so if I passed my certification. I’ll be sure to let you know – probably at the beginning of Round 3.

June 6 ROW Check-in

Welcome, folks, to my 300th post here at Steph’s Eclectic Interests.

Like all of you, I’m sure, I’ve been busy, busy, busy.

The new job is going well. Summer is such a great time to ease into it. Things are much quieter. Had the church administrator’s baby been due in September, when everything gears up, it would have been a different story. So far, so good. It’s Photocopier 101 today. It’s a beast. It’s not so much knowing how to use it, but knowing what to do if something isn’t working.

Anyhoo, on to other things…

Editing ~ I’m still on track to get Darlene’s manuscript edited by end of day Saturday.

More editing ~ My new client is still going through her YA manuscript. That’s okay. I think I’ll only be able to work on one project at a time since I’m out of the house from 7:30-4:30 daily . . . and do want to get a little sleep.

Rewriting ~ My client doesn’t mind that I’m putting his short story on hold until I’m done editing the manuscript I’m working on. It sounds like he has a number of other projects for me as well.

Ghostwriting ~ I’m hoping to kick it into high gear next week.

ROWing ~ I’m going to get around to visiting ten of my fellow ROWers, hopefully before the next check-in.

Exercise ~ I’ve exercised a couple of times this week and still plan to do so three or more times. It’s good to do it first thing, but I just couldn’t make myself get up that early this morning.

Last but not least…

I’m really looking forward to the Write! Canada Conference from June 14-16. I’ll have to give some serious thought about what to focus on. It’s just too hard to take it all in. It isn’t too late to register . . . Check it out!


June 3 ROW Check-in

And…this is me…

Editing ~ I hope to finish the first edit of my friend’s manuscript by Friday. It is such a good story. I can’t wait until I hold a paper copy.

More editing ~ Today (Saturday), I should complete the final read-through of the manuscript I’ve been working on for a while.

Even more editing ~ After my new client goes through her YA manuscript again, I will get started on the edit.

Rewriting ~ My client really likes the rewrite. I hope to get it done by the end of the month, if not before.

Ghostwriting ~ I’m hoping to have this pretty much wrapped up mid-month.

And yes, now it’s official…I will be covering Danielle’s duties as Church Administrator while she’s on mat leave.

I will still try to submit four things before the end of the month. (Thanks again for the deadline, Gene.) If, however, I don’t make it, I’m not going to beat myself up.

By the way…Seems I need a little craziness in my life. I have been doing a 30-minute workout most mornings now that life is even busier. I figured I’d needed the energy and ability to think clearly that exercise affords. (Losing weight and the motivation to eat better have definitely been perks as well.)

And before you all recommend I see someone about my “issues,” rest assured, except for my responsibilities in the sound room at church, I take Sundays off. With my new schedule, I just might take an afternoon nap…or at least, do some reading.

And why am I super pumped? Besides the fact that I love being busy with things I enjoy, Write! Canada is fast approaching. I am going to have so much fun at the conference from June 14-16. Check it out!