A Horrible Housekeeper’s Perspective

Good news: There are dishes soaking in the sink – in cold water.

Bad news: I’m only one day behind.

Good news: There is laundry calling my name.

Bad news: The hamper isn’t filled to overflowing.

Good news: There are still things out of place.

Bad news: The Christmas decorations are back downstairs, so I can get at it.

Good news: There is a stack of boxes in my living room that contain photographs.

Bad news: All but one of them are sorted.

Good news: I have several items in my files I should read (and they’ve been waiting for months, if not years).

Bad news: I spent hours sorting our papers today.

Good news: Because there was no room in his bedroom, my son’s luggage sat in the dining room for the three weeks he was home.

Bad news: He’s back at school. (Well, I assume he is. I haven’t heard differently. Boys! [sigh] [grin]) Yep, I miss him.

Remember, doing better isn’t about being perfect; it’s just…well…about doing better.

All the best for a joy-filled – though possibly, clutter-filled – year ahead.

3 thoughts on “A Horrible Housekeeper’s Perspective

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