Confessions of Clutter

As you know, if you’ve read this blog, 1) my housekeeping skills will win no awards, and 2) we have way too much stuff.

Let me take you on a virtual tour…

Welcome to our front porch – the railing of which is pulling away, don’t know why.

This is my front hall – and yes, that is drywall against the wall and a jug of water from my son’s camping trip last year – or was it the year before?

To your left, you’ll see what is loosely referred to as the dining room. We rarely eat here. Therefore, it’s not so bad that you can’t see the top of the table. (Hey, it’s a flat surface and therefore, fair game.) And yes, my computer is tucked in the corner facing the wall – and the TV in the next room.

At first glance, you would call it the living room…or is it the art studio (my daughter’s art table is in there, bearing drawings she’s currently working on)…or is it the gym (as indicated by the two stability balls and various dumbbells, yoga mats, etc.)?

Now, back through the dining room to the front hall. If you follow me down the hall to the kitchen…remember not to bump into the drywall…

Here we are in the kitchen. Yes, I have counters, silly. What do you think is holding up my dishes and slow cooker and various foodstuffs?

And through this door, you’ll find the spare bedroom/pantry/junk room.

Back down the hall. First door on the left, our itsy bitsy bathroom. It’s not bad; we only need a new tub, sink, toilet, and flooring…oh, yeah, and a new medicine cabinet.

Wanna see the second floor? No, you don’t want to go through the second door on the left. That leads to the basement. My rule: It’s my husband’s domain. As long as nothing will spontaneously combust, I don’t really care.

The second floor has a big landing…and that’s why there is an entertainment unit right in front of you bearing towels and boxes of photographs and bedding and the dress I wore when I was a baby…Don’t ask.

To your left is my daughter’s room, full but very tidy actually. She’s related by blood…honest.

Next to her room is my hubby’s office/our son’s room. Since he’s decided to rent a place in SK with a couple of his buddies, his bed is going to be moved downstairs to the spare bedroom after we replace the carpet and tidy it up. We will pack up his stuff and send what he wants to his new place, chuck what he doesn’t want, and store what he won’t have room for.

Continuing on…I love our upstairs bathroom – except for the fact that we have zilch water pressure and have to shower in the downstairs tub (remember the one that needs replacing?).

Next to it is the laundry room/storage room. It’s fairly well organized, but I’m sure there’s lots I could get rid of.

And then comes the master bedroom. I recently spent some time in there, but it still needs a lot of work. What’s that outside the door? That would be the second floor heater we don’t use anymore. We’ll get rid of it one day. No rush. We’ve only been here ten years.

Up those stairs? That would be – insert snooty voice here – the loft (aka our eldest’s room). He keeps it in pretty good shape…most of the time. Not to worry, I only have to see it when I take him supper. (He works midnights and I usually offer to make something for him when he gets home in the morning.)

My mom once said, “You need a bigger house.”

I said, “Nah, we’d just spread out more and fill it up.

Decluttering…a priority. Mentally, at least. I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of Clutter

  1. Oh Steph, this made me laugh–and feel better about my own tendency to gather piles of this and that, here, there and everywhere! Thank you.. 🙂

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