Confessions of Obstacles

I’m trying to think of how to make today’s post lighthearted, if not humorous.

Think. Think. Think. As they used to say in the candy bar commercial, “That’s all I ever do.”

Goal – Declutter

Obstacles – Laziness; busyness; lethargy; and TOO MUCH STUFF (I guess that’s the reason I want to declutter.)

Goal – Keep the main floor tidy.

Obstacles – That would be my tendency to use the dining room table as a catch-all. And have I mentioned TOO MUCH STUFF?

Goal – Keep the kitchen reasonably tidy.

Obstacles – Laziness, busyness, and that crazy habit called eating.

Goal – Have clean and tidy bathrooms

Obstacles – It isn’t too hard to keep the upstairs bathroom clean. There isn’t enough water pressure to have a shower. The downstairs bathroom, on the other hand, gets used often because it does have adequate water pressure. The sad things are a tub surround and bathtub that cannot be scrubbed clean and, currently, no means to replace them. (Not complaining. Just sayin’.)

Goal – Have a relaxing, inviting master bedroom.

Obstacles – My hubby, the collector – of odds and ends he empties from his pockets at the end of the workday, crunched up Kleenex, and a wide variety of clothes (mostly dirty…I think). Okay, so before you think it’s all Dave’s fault, there would be that pile of my things just inside the door and piles of books and magazines and accumulated dust on the headboard. Sigh!

Goal – Paint the walls.

Obstacles – Lack of time; lack of funds; a fear that once we start we will see all the things that need repairing (It happens when you have a house that’s over 80 years old and construction done by people who obviously had no training or skills in that area.)

Am I complaining? Absolutely not. I am thankful for our house, our in-need-of-painting-and-repair, overstuffed, untidy house.

And just so you know, our friends are welcome here anytime. And with an hour’s notice, it might even look reasonable…if you don’t open any closed doors.

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