Confessions of Paper

Make that reams and reams of paper.

I am organized when it comes to paperwork. I have an organized grouping of papers on my desk, another in the box on the coffee table, several in the boxes behind me, and then there’s the filing cabinet…

I even have two folders full of papers to be shredded. (And the shredder probably needs to be emptied, but that’s another story.)

A couple of nights ago, I looked around and realized it was time to buckle down and file similar papers together.

I can do it while watching TV or listening to music. I can do it while visiting with my family. I can even do it when my brain and body are working on half speed – or less.

So, why don’t I?

If I sit down on the couch and flip on the TV without having the papers at my fingertips, chances are I won’t get up at commercials to grab them. Some studies have shown watching TV is a sedative. From the number of whodunnits I’ve watched, but still don’t know who done it because I fell asleep, I’d say they’re right.

Tonight – or maybe this afternoon – I’m going to do something about all this paperwork. Who knows? My shredder might even get a snack later.

What tasks do you put off?

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