Confessions of Progress

Don’t tell my fellow horrible housekeepers, but I’m actually making progress around here.

I’ve begun to wash the dishes daily. (Don’t laugh. That’s a big deal for me. Oh…go ahead and laugh. After all, that’s the point of this post.)

I cleared a path through the spare room to the kitchen from the living room. Confused yet? Well, for quite a while we had to go through the dining room and down the hall because there were boxes and various other items blocking the more direct route. (Don’t let it impress you too much. I just moved the obstacles into the spare room, and the doors will still be closed when we have company.)

I’m attacking my Procrastination List. As I cross off some long-neglected items, I find myself accomplishing some of the other, unwritten goals: things like taking dirty dishes into the kitchen when I’m going that way and putting things on my shelves instead of on the table – well, sometimes.

I’ve prepared a schedule with actual times on it. It’s working fairly well.

Speaking of specific times…My daughter and I have been hanging out from 3:00 to 4:00 each afternoon. Although we live under the same roof, you’d be surprised how little time we actually spend together. So far, we’ve watched a couple of TV shows and played a game of Scrabble. Today, we might play a game she likes. (grin)

Last Saturday, I dropped Son #2 off at the airport. He has officially begun his post-college, adult life. Now that I’m not planning going away celebrations and helping him get things in order, I can’t use that as an excuse anymore. Well, there is the matter of packing up the stuff he’d like us to ship out to him, but I’ll poke away at that. After all, his room is now my hubby’s office, and Dave doesn’t mind clutter. (See why I married him?)

Have a wonderful day and try to cross at least one thing off your Procrastination List. I’m off to do the same.

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