Confessions of the Crunchies

I popped down on the living room floor the other evening, and guess what I discovered.

My carpet’s crunchy. I suppose that means it’s time to vacuum. Sigh!

Just what are the other indicators that I really must do some household chores?

When there are no more plates…I spend half an hour in the kitchen and wash all the dishes.

When my daughter and her BFF go out to eat EVERY NIGHT…I know it’s time to shop.

When I can’t see the top of my dining room table AND we have a family meal planned…I clear it off – and maybe even organize the piles, if I’m feeling particularly ambitious.

When there are no more empty clothes baskets…I put away the clean clothes in order to again fill the basket with clothes from the dryer.

When I’ve gone to the grocery store two or three times without reusable bags…I figure it’s time to pick up the bag of bags that has been sitting in my front hall for several days.

When I don’t miss the things I’ve put away for months or even years…I come to the conclusion I really could chuck over 50 percent of our stuff.

When the only film that is clearly visible on the TV is dust…it’s time to pull out my Swiffer.

When I can’t come up with any more witty sayings…it’s probably time to vacuum, do the dishes, and clear the table – or maybe just get busy with the editing jobs that await.

Happy Housecleaning…well, you know what I mean.

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