Confessions of the Temporary Tidy

We have the privilege of visiting with friends tomorrow before they head back to the mission field in Indonesia.

I so love that they’re taking the time to hang out with us for a while. I also know they don’t care in the least about this horrible housekeeper’s domestic habits.

However, I always take advantage of the opportunity when company’s coming to give myself a kick in the backside. (At least I think I can still do that, but I’ll save the experimentation until another time.)

It truly is ironic. Just this week I decided to settle into the this-is-how-we-live-and-it’s-okay mindset, and then we make plans to get together with our friends. Sigh!

For now, the table is clear. Amazing!

The dishes are almost caught up and much of the clutter on the counter has been cleared away. Put it all away? You’re too funny.

My daughter is going to put away the clean dishes, and my hubby ~ bless his heart ~ scoured our impossible-to-clean bathtub. (We really need a new one.)

I swept and Swiffered the kitchen, hall, and entryway.

If you’re not already sitting down, you probably should…

I even vacuumed the main floor and the stairs.

Sounds impressive, right? (Unless, of course, “clean freak” and “immaculate” describe your style.)

Well, there is a downside.

I get snippy when I’m cleaning.

The more I do, the more I realize there is to do.

I’ve been around the block enough times to know the current semi-clean, semi-tidy state of the main floor is a temporary occurrence…

Unless, of course, we have company on a regular basis.


(I do enjoy it being clean and tidy. I just wish I could afford a housekeeper and a chef. Then, I’d be set.)

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