Every Cloud…

And since I’m in the mood for coming clean (see the previous post), I figure I might as well write today’s Confessions…

Last night I was chatting with my son who is away at college. He is planning to get a place on campus with a couple of his buddies and find work out there.

While I will miss him more than I can express, I’m excited for him. I think, as parents, we are always glad to see our kids making their own way in the world.

And the upside for a horrible housekeeper…

1. My hubby can leave his office in J’s room.

2. We don’t have to scramble this month to make the room presentable.

3. We will take the things he wants most out to him when we go.

4. We will ship the other things as he requests…thereby, clearing out the room without it really qualifying as housework.

5. I will have one less person to consider when preparing my grocery list. Mind you, that has been the case for the majority of the last four years.

6. I’m sure to plan several trips west. When I’m away, I won’t even have to consider the housework I should be doing.

And now, before you think I’m an unfeeling parent, I have to tell you this: If I don’t joke about it, I’m going to get really bummed, realizing just how much I’m going to miss my second born. (And I haven’t even told his brother yet, who was hoping they could move out and get a place together.)

Sometimes, you’ve just got to look at the silver lining, the bright side, and all those other cliches that keep us from curling up in a corner and moping.

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