Good News/Bad News

Good news…Most of the presents are ready to go.

Bad news…The wrapping stuff is still in the living room – where’s it’s been for weeks.


Good news…My daughter washed a sink-load of dishes yesterday.

Bad news…You could never tell.


Good news…I cleaned off the table a few days ago.

Bad news…Yeah, I really don’t have to tell you – it’s pretty much covered again.


Good news…I’ve been doing more work and less social networking.

Bad news…No, I didn’t say HOUSEwork.


Good news…I keep gathering the things that are lying around and putting them in boxes. At least that way I can stack them.

Bad news…I have no idea where all this other stuff that is now lying around came from. Plus, some of those papers I neatly filed away probably need my attention.


Good news…I found Mandarin oranges in individual containers. Yum!

Bad news…Stepping in the juice I spilled and walking down the hall without taking my shoes off makes for sticky footprints.


Good news…I have a home and a family to care for.

More good news…I will forever be thankful, cluttered tables, missing paperwork, sticky floors, and all!

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