Just Walk Away

My To Do list for today is shrinking by the minute. Because I’m flying around the house getting things done before my hubby and I head out on a mini holiday? Hee hee. You’re so funny. No, I realize once again making a long list is easier than completing all the tasks on said list.

So, just what won’t get done before we leave at 2:00?

1. Washing the dishes. (I may put them in the sink to be nice…so there’s room on the counter for our kids to stack additional dishes while we’re gone.)

2. Making the bed. (I may throw the sheets in the hamper, but that’s probably as far as I’ll get.)

3. Paying a leisurely visit to the library while my hubby’s at a meeting. (It will likely be a mad dash inside to pay my overdue fee and return the book I’d love to read, but haven’t gotten around to finishing.)

4. Eating breakfast and lunch. (Considering it’s already 11:53, I’m thinking I missed the breakfast thing, unless a cup of hot chocolate qualifies.)

5. Calling a friend who wants to get together for coffee sometime soon.

6. Uploading this week’s creative endeavours for the Art Every Day Month challenge. (I’m still hoping to get this one done. After all, I have two whole hours to dry and fold the laundry; stack the dishes; do a final edit of ten pages; edit a blog post for a friend; finish packing; shower; eat…No problem, right?)

Repeat after me: Vacations are restful. Holidays are for relaxing. Vacations are restful. Holidays are for relaxing.

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