Lightbulb Moments

A dozen Lightbulb Moments I’ve experienced as a horrible housekeeper. (“Lightbulb” is my favourite line from the movie Despicable Me.)

LBM #1

Marveling at the fact that my hubby has never criticized me for my lack of housekeeping prowess.

LBM #2

Being amazed that my eldest wanted to simply hang out and watch movies with his old ma – when he was fifteen. And now, sometimes he just wants to talk about nothing in particular. (He’s twenty-seven.) I love it!

LBM #3

Rejoicing in the fact that I could back and forth long enough for my middle son to have some lightbulb moments of his own.

LBM #4

Having fun watching episodes of West Wing with my daughter, even though I have to ignore the exercise ball on the chair, the Rubbermaid container of art supplies by the cabinet, and the fountain preventing me from using the footstool of our Lazy Boy couch.

LBM #5

Loving the fact that we could pick up and spend the day at the zoo, back when I was homeschooling my three.

LBM #6

Acknowledging that it isn’t about a lack of skill, simply a different set of priorities.

LBM #7

Being able to say yes when an opportunity I want to pursue presents itself.

LBM #8

Knowing that things aren’t really that bad. If we’re having company, it doesn’t take all that long to make things presentable.

LBM #9

Resting in the peace that comes when I’m not nagging my husband and kids.

LBM #10

Realizing I’m truly content and peaceful, not merely suppressing the urge to freak out.

LBM #11

Coming to the epiphany that people who really love me, love me not my sparkling windows and hospital corners.

LBM #12

Discovering I’m not less – or more – valuable than Martha Stewart and her followers.

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