My HH Resolutions

Even horrible housekeepers make resolutions. Some may even have to do with housekeeping.

Here are mine:

1. Continue to declutter my house. Toss the garbage. Sell what I can. Donate what I can’t. (Hey, when I’m done it will be harder to tell I’m a horrible housekeeper.)

2. Spend more time planning and preparing meals. (Trust me, “more time” will be easy. “As much as I should,” on the other hand…)

3. Possibly paint the main floor. What a difference that would make! (And by “paint,” I actually mean “have my hubby paint.”)

4. Try to keep the main floor presentable. (That’s horrible housekeeper presentable, not Martha Stewart presentable.)

5. Get rid of the wall unit in the upstairs hall. Yep, you heard me right. I’m thinking the linen closet – that I can’t currently get to – is a better storage space.

6. Schedule more time for domestic pursuits. (Again, “more time”…very easy.)

All the Best for a Lighthearted, Laughter-Filled, Joy-filled New Year

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