My Title’s Secure

Yesterday I baked homemade muffin, decorated gift bags, and put away the fall display on my table. I even got supper in the slow cooker, washed the dishes, and did a load of laundry. My Horrible Housekeeper status was on the line. Thankfully, even a quick visit to my home would assure you that it was only temporary.

So, just what needs to be done around here?

Here’s the short list…

1. wash the dishes

2. clear the table (Can you believe it? It’s covered again. Yep, and it’s all my stuff.)

3. clean the bunny cage (And that WILL be done today.)

4. make the bed

5. finish my Christmas shopping and wrap the gifts

6. clean the main floor so we can put out Christmas decorations (The lights are up outside.)

7. continue organizing the laundry/junk room

8. sell/give away things we no longer use

9. eventually give the main floor a coat of paint

10. finish organizing and tidying the basement (That’s my hubby’s department, and considering how busy he is, he’d doing a great job.)

Now, I can heave a sigh of relief. My standing among horrible housekeepers is secure.

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