Rules of Magnetism

Remember those science classes where we learned which materials were magnetic? Well, they lied to us. I can categorically declare the following materials are magnetic – no matter what our teachers said.

POLYESTER AND COTTON FABRICS – attract food and beverages, but only if freshly laundered.

WOOD – especially when painted black – attracts dust every minute of every day.

SILK – or whatever fabric they use to make “silk” flowers – attracts and refuses to let go of any dust the wood didn’t see first.

PORCELAIN – attracts toothpaste and unidentified goop that puts Krazy Glue to shame.

GLASS – attracts water spots. Please tell me how something we use to clean with can make such a big mess.

STAINLESS STEEL – must have been invented by criminologists to make fingerprint identification easy.

MISCELLANEOUS FIBRES – you know, those they use to make carpets – make a lovely home for all those Dusty Bunnies.

TILE, MARBLE…any material used to make kitchen counters – attracts dirty dishes, various appliances, non-perishable grocery items, etc. etc. etc.

DARK CORNERS AND OTHER HARD TO REACH PLACES – known as a safe haven for grunge I didn’t even know existed.


ANY FLAT SURFACE – no matter what it’s made of – attracts anything I have in my hands.

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