Seasonal Challenges

And why is winter rough on this horrible housekeeper?

There are now dirty cups all around my house…what with the hot chocolate, tea, coffee, and cider we’re all drinking.

Now that my house is decorated for Christmas, I’m compelled to keep things picked up. I want to enjoy the decorations, not have to search for them through all the clutter.

Soon my front hall will be home to snow-covered footwear that will quickly become damp footwear sitting in puddles of water.

The desire to bake and prepare soups and stews to fill the house with comforting smells will become almost irresistible – and some days I’ll even give in, like today, for example.

I am even less motivated to get up and get busy when I’m snuggled under the covers, whether in bed or sitting on the couch. (We keep our house around eighteen degrees Celsius.)

When I make the bed – a chore I’m left with if I don’t get up before my hubby (see why I don’t above) – I have to make sure there are plenty of covers on Dave’s side too. He actually needs them when the weather turns colder.

The upside…

The dark dreary days make it more difficult to discern the dirt.

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