Travel Confessions

This past weekend we went to Lansing, Michigan for the Worship Matter conference. Yes, it was a wonderful conference. And yes, I enjoyed the time away with my hubby and fourteen friends from church.

But on the more selfish side…

I loved the room with the HUGE, comfy bed…I didn’t have to make.

I loved the jacuzzi…I didn’t even have time to use. Just knowing it was there made me feel like I was living in the lap of luxury.

…not to mention the indoor pool (that looked like it was outdoors because of the glass ceiling and the plants surrounding it) and the weight room…I also didn’t have time to make use of.

I loved the bathroom in our room…the bathroom I didn’t have to clean.

…and the towels…I could throw on the floor.

I loved the meals…I didn’t have to prepare.

…and the fact that attentive servers cleared away the dirty dishes…I never had to see again.

I loved the four-hour drive there and the four-hour drive home…because I wasn’t behind the wheel. (Thank you, Danielle.)

I even loved arriving home…the kitchen was tidier than I left it. How cool is that!

I like to travel!

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