Worthy of Imitation? Ah, Not So Much

Have you read The Bike Lesson featuring the Berenstain Bears? It was one of my favourites as a child.

Papa Bear goes about teaching Small Bear (in the days before he became Brother Bear) how to ride a bicycle. Actually, he goes about teaching him how NOT to ride a bicycle.

While I do want to set a good example, to “be worthy of imitation” – as those at Spark People encourage, housekeeping is not one area that will get me high marks. In this particular area, I’ll settle for a C average.

So, in honour of Papa Bear, here are some housekeeping lessons to learn by observing my example – and doing the opposite.

1. Always wear clothes that are clean and neatly pressed. Okay, so I always wear clean clothes. However, every time I bring out the ironing board, I receive comments such as “What’s that?” and “Are you feeling all right?”

2. Create a place for everything, and keep everything in its place. As I’ve said before, my moto is “a place for everything, and nothing in its place” – okay, some some things are in their place, but not all, not by a long shot.

3. Vacuum at least once per week. You mean the carpets aren’t supposed to crunch?

4. Sweep and mop several times per week. So not everyone has what could be mistaken for a throw rug made of dust under their furniture?

5. Keep the stairs clear. Items shoved off to the side doesn’t count?

6. Always hang up your coat when you come in. The back of the chair counts, right?

7. Keep your workspace tidy. There’s nothing in front of my computer monitor. Oh, you mean I should be able to see the top of my desk? Oops!

8. Wash, dry, and put away the dishes at least once per day. They’re washed and in the rack to dry…and in the second sink…and on the stove…

9. Keep caught up with the laundry. <humming and averting my eyes>

My housework is not really worthy of imitation. But not taking yourself too seriously – that’s a lesson worth learning.


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