A Mother’s Legacy


i sit here pondering

what i should write

what if . . .

what if we could have

one more conversation

what if i could tell you

what i’m just now

starting to realize

did you know

you were the first one on my mind

when i had news to share

whether my heart was overflowing with joy





it didn’t matter

even after you were gone

there were so many times

i wanted to pick up the phone and call

when i examine myself

i see so much of you

we were different

but at the same time

not so much

i love the memories of our road trips

i’ve thought about them a lot lately

out-of-the-way galleries and boutiques



and more

without knowing it

you shared your love

of art

of creativity

with me

and books . . .

how many times you said

i just love books

there’s something about a new book

the pristine pages

the promise of worlds to discover

and truths to learn

i could go on and on

it turns out

we were much more alike

than i ever imagined

and the thing i’m most thankful for . . .

your faith

you pointed me to the Saviour

we shared much

but nothing

absolutely nothing

can compare to that

that is your most important legacy

i pray

it will be mine as well

Her children rise up and call her blessed . . . (Proverbs 31:28 ESV).

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