Airplanes and Snowflakes

Time to get back to posts about flight…

Today’s topic…

Airplanes or snowflakes?

They both fly.

One will be taking my son

Back to college.

The other,


May make taking him to the airport

A challenge.

Now that I’m used to these goodbyes,

I see beauty in both.

The plane will return J

To the place

He will complete his B.A. studies

And possibly,

Discover the next phase

Of his life’s journey.

And snowflakes…

When it’s cold enough

And they’re falling gently,

They sparkle like

Little tiny diamonds.


I would much rather watch

Their earthward dance

From the warmth of

My dining room.


I guess today’s post

Was about both

Airplanes and snowflakes.

And just a further word on airplanes…

Come April,

We will be boarding one

To travel to J’s graduation.

Another reason they’re really

Now that’s exciting.

Happy 2012, all! May your dreams take flight.

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