Thank You

My deepest thanks to my friend Rita who knows what it’s like to deal with the challenge of chronic pain. You, my friend, have always been a tremendous example to others. Bless you!

Thank You, Lord,

For all You have done for me,

As all good and perfect gifts

Have come from Your hand,

And yet, O Lord,

Your Word has said to

Give thanks to God in all things,

Does that mean the bad too?

You can’t mean that I’m to be

Thankful for chronic pain,

After all, pain isn’t a good and perfect gift

So how am I to be thankful?

I guess Your Word means

Be thankful in spite of the pain,

No, my child, I mean

Be thankful for the pain.


What?  Now I’m confused,

Living with this pain limits me,

Making it, at times, impossible

To worship and serve You.

Why would I be

Thankful for this limitation?

Because, my child, I

Have set you on this journey.

This pain brings you closer to Me

As you cry out in your discomfort,

For when you are frail,

You seek out My help.


My grace is sufficient for you,

My power is made perfect

In your weakness,

For when you are weak, you are strong.


O Lord, forgive me,

I was crying “Take this cup away,”

Rather, let my prayer ever be

“Increase my faith for Your Glory.”

In time, I will perish,

Wither away like grass,

Yet, O Lord, You remain the same,

You sit enthroned forever.

I will give thanks

To the Lord Most High

For though You did not answer the prayer

You have truly answered me.

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