‘Twas the Night Before Tuesday

‘Twas the night before Tuesday,

When all through my mind,

Duties were racing,

Time I must find.


There’s washing and mopping

And clearing away,

There’s writing and posting,

All for today.


There’s tweeting and reading,

Connecting and such,

Updating Facebook,

Maybe too much.


There’s talking and sharing,

Updating the site,

Then family commitments,

Must do it right.


Blogs to be read

And blogs to be wrote,

Stories to edit,

Ideas to float.


Shopping to do,

Cupboards grow bare,

Food and some presents,

I’ve still to snare.


Priority setting,

The year up ahead,

Lists to be made,

All before bed.


And when I awaken,

A trip I will take,

A Christmas surprise

Will return in my wake.


Blessings, my readers,

I pray now for you,

May the new year ahead

See wishes come true.


And though I am busy

And rushing about,

To worship my Saviour

Is what it’s about.


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