April 12, 2013

For someone who doesn’t like to run, I’ve been darting from one thing to the next. Craziness! My apologies for missing the past two check-ins and being two days late with this one.

At any rate, here’s where things stand . . .


~ puttering along with three clients

~ will add a fourth to next week’s schedule

~ awaiting word from two others before I proceed


~ writing for paying markets (more likely to happen now that my writers’ group is starting up again; this year’s theme: Go Deeper)

~ blog beyond ROW check-ins (I’m going to limit my check-ins to once per week and again add blogging about my eclectic interests to my schedule.)


~ with an increase in writing for paying markets, this will follow naturally

~ also considering entering some writing contests this year


~ follow Bible reading plan (I’m slightly behind but should be able to catch up this week.)

~ non-fiction (The list is extensive, but for now, the most important is a school-specific manual of style to make sure I do all I can for one of my editing clients. Secondly, I want to read what’s required for my certifications.)

~ fiction (I have three novels on the go and have been trying to devote some time to each over the course of the week.)


ROW Specific Goals

~ visit at least five fellow ROWers weekly

Fitness Goals

~ activity breaks (I plan to add these to my daily routine. I sit in front of the computer for long periods of time – as many people do.)

~ cardio (I will start walking with a friend again next week. The classes I lead each week include some cardio but not a lot.)

~ resistance (I’m adding a little resistance work to one of my fitness classes. However, I must get back at it between classes.)

~ eat better (still moving in the right direction – slowly)

~ watch what I drink (Now that we have a Tassimo and a Keurig, I have to watch my flavoured coffee intake.)

Volunteer Responsibilities

~ keeping up all right

Family Time

~ spend regular time with immediate family members (It has been great having our middle son home for a visit. We have all spent more time together than we usually do. When he goes back, he will most certainly be missed. As new adventures come my way [my current position as Church Administrator is winding down], I will have to make an effort to schedule time with the family members who are still under our roof.)

~ connect with extended family members (I’ve done a little of this lately but not nearly as much as I’d like to.)

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