April 17, 2013

Hi, ROWers – and other SNEI visitors. How are you doing with your goals. Here’s a quick update on how things are going with me.


How humbling to read these words after editing a client’s third chapter for the final time: “I just cried (and still am) of how real, powerful and with amazement chapter 3 is and how God has allowed me to be a part of it.”

And that, folks, is what makes this job such a rush.


I’m getting excited at the idea of again working on my picture books and my children’s chapbook.

I’m doing okay so far sticking with my new blogging schedule, but then again, I just restarted.

And I did write a script for the closing of our kids’ midweek program. Apparently, I produce decent work between 1:00 and 3:00 in the morning. Oh, my!


With the writers’ conference quickly approaching, I best get some pitches together. If an editor or agent shows interest, I best be ready to submit in a timely fashion.


I want to devote significantly more time to reading, but for now, it will be limited to Bible reading and Turabian. Quite a combo, huh?

ROW Specific Goals

Brace yourselves, ROWers, I just may be paying you a visit.

Fitness Goals

The sunshine, warm weather, and my camera are beckoning me outside. Once the office job winds down at the end of the month, I hope to spend lots of time walking – and snapping pics.

Volunteer Responsibilities

One responsibility has wound down for the season. I’m pretty much keeping up with the others.

Family Time

We should probably do something besides watch TV together. I wasn’t much company on Monday when I slept from 8:30-12:00 on the couch. Woohoo! Life of the party . . . NOT!


A new adventure might be coming my way in the fall. I’ll fill you in once I have more details.

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