April 20, 2013

Well, I was going to check-in only once a week, but this past week was over-the-top great. I just had to share!


The job I thought I’d have to push to get finished by the 27th is pretty much done. YAY!

Another job I hoped to finish by next weekend should be done by Wednesday.


New blogging schedule – motoring along

The skit for our kids’ midweek club – Seeing it acted out is so much fun.

Looking forward to making some time for other writing. Maybe I’ll get back to my children’s chapbook.


I’m getting more hopeful that this is actually going to happen.


I’m reading more and more as the days go by. Loving it!

ROW Specific Goals

I actually visited five fellow ROWers’ sites today.

Fitness Goals

With my job at the church winding down, I’m making plans to start each weekday with a workout.

Volunteer Responsibilities

~ doing OK

Family & Friends

I’ve had some nice time with family this week.

I am SO looking forward to hanging out with my Women Writing for Christ peeps. We are getting together on Tuesday for our first meeting of the season.

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