August 11 2013

cleaning supplies pic

Step-by-step journey to a clean(er) house.

1. Wear out your computer.

2. Despite your best efforts to keep it working, make sure it goes beyond the point of no return.

3. Decide to putter because not only is the computer a frustration, so are all the cluttered, dusty-to-the-nth-degree areas of your house.

4. Keep trying to get your computer to work in the midst of cleaning and decluttering.

5. Give up on the computer. Keep up with the decluttering.

6. Decide to buy a new computer.

7. Get home. Set up the computer . . . only to find out you are missing a vital installation CD. Without it, you can’t get on the Internet with your new computer.

8. All the while, take breaks by cleaning and organizing yet another room or two.

9. Even when you’re watching TV, sort papers . . . thousands and thousands of papers.

10. Get to the point where you’d rather keep cleaning than sit at your hubby’s computer or read. (Never saw that one coming.)

11. Stay up late sorting more papers, forgetting WriteOnCon starts at 6:00 Tuesday morning.

12. Grapple with the fact that you can’t declutter, go to the city to get the needed CD, and be online all day.

13. Keep puttering when you can and try to keep up with the day-to-day chores.

ROW Logo

Here’s a brief update . . . only a day (plus an hour and eleven minutes) late.

Who knew I would ever want to lose sleep and keep cleaning? If you know me at all, you realize how unlikely that is. However, looking around and seeing the clean, tidy, well-organized areas growing is very rewarding. The biggest challenge was getting started.

So, the decluttering is well on the way. How about my writing-related goals?


Until my computer went kaput, I was doing fairly well.

I plan to write five more blog posts, four for SNEI and one for Kimberley Payne. That will probably be it for this week.


I am so very thankful that I wasn’t in the middle of a big edit when my computer went down. I’m sure that will pick up very soon. I have two big jobs, but right now, the ball is in the clients’ court.


My co-author has received The Contract. She would like me to look it over and get in touch with her. I plan to do so tomorrow.


Tomorrow . . . well, technically later today.


I am quite pleased with my new eating habits. They’re not 100 percent, but they are definitely much better than they were.

Plus, I’ve been walking a lot more and doing resistance training more regularly.

Hope you all have a wonderful week. TTFN

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