August 14 2013

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I was talking to my co-author today. We wrote her memoir together. It is tentatively called Living Beyond My Circumstances.  Deb Willows is a former Paralympian and a remarkable trailblazer.

When she was born with cerebral palsy, her parents were advised to admit her to an institution. Fifty-two years ago, doctors didn’t think parents were equipped to care for a child with CP. They would hear nothing of it. Because of their love and support, Deb has participated in many firsts.

LBMC is due out late November.

Besides editing and writing projects and tending to at least one expectant mom in my role as a labour doula, I have a feeling the next few months will be filled with deadlines and several late nights. Not that this is new exactly.

What is new . . .

~ rejoicing with Deb via phone

~ clarifying terms of a contract with our publisher (Does that sound surreal or what?)

~ trying to figure out my part in promoting the book

~ anticipating making the changes the editor outlines and carefully reading the dummy before it goes to print

WriteOnCon has been great. I still have a number of posts to read. Thank goodness for online conferences. Except for the life events, you don’t have to miss things even if you can’t be in front of the computer.

And speaking of computers . . .

I finally got on the Internet with my new computer.

I am currently downloading my files from Mozy (yay . . . the progress bar has finally made an appearance). After running ccleaner tomorrow, I should be back in the game.

Happy ROWing, all!

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