August 18 2013

Why upside down?

With my computer issues of late, writing and editing haven’t gotten the time they usually do. And, of course, neither has social networking.

So, let’s start with non-writing-related goals.


Computer down = a cleaner, more organized house than it has been since we moved in – 12 years ago (No joke!)


Eating better – check (Plus, I am kicking the habit of eating out of boredom. Yay!)

Walking three times per week – check

Resistance training three times per week – I’ve averaged two to three times per week.


One YA and one adult fiction book per month – Looks like I’ll get at least one YA and one MG novel read this month. I am also reading Sandra Orchard’s Deadly Devotion but won’t likely finish it until sometime in September.

One of my young friends and I have begun a Book Club for Two. We both started the book as soon as we got back from our trip to the bookstore followed by a stop at one of the local coffee shops. I look forward to discussing Sketchy Behavior with her come the second week of September. So far, I’m really enjoying it.

I also have several non-fiction books on my To Read Soon list.


My client could have her wee one pretty much any time now. I am honoured and excited to be by her side.

And now for the writing and writing-related goals . . .

Write On Con

As I mentioned, this past week I “attended” WriteOnCon, an online writers’ conference for those who write for the under 18 crowd. It was fantabulous.


I am writing regular posts for Christian Editing Services and Kimberley Payne’s blog.

I am behind on posts for SNEI but hope to get back on schedule next week.

With my new computer up and running, I hope to get to work on my picture books, MG chapbooks, and my novel.


I have a number of editing clients who will keep me busy come the fall. Kids will be going back to school and I’ll be getting back at it too.

The book I co-authored is now at the editing stage. It will be interesting to be on the other side of the edit. (The book is due out at the end of November, by the way. So exciting . . . terrifying . . . and surreal.)

And 100 percent unrelated . . .

My son is coming home from his extended European vacation today. In fact, his plane should have landed. It was quite an adventure and I look forward to welcoming him home and hearing all about it. (Plus, I’m incredibly thankful for his buddy who went to Toronto to pick him up to save me the trip.)

And over to you . . .

What is your number one goal for the week to come?

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