February 2, 2013

calendar February 03

Freelance Goals

~ complete co-writing manuscript with Roger (only Chapter 9 and a final read-through to go; we’re getting close)

~ edit Michael’s second manuscript (I need to re-read the five chapters I’ve edited and tweak a number of newsletters to be included in the book.)

~ work with Pirkko to bring her novel from idea to submittable manuscript (We’re likely going to get started this month. Hooray!)

Writing Goals 

~ blog/post five times per week including ROW check-ins (I’ll do better aiming to post five times rather than six.)

~ blogging to include at least one book review per month (I best get motoring. I hope to complete two books this month.)

~ weekly blog posts for Monday Motivation (I like to write this post midweek, but I had to write it Saturday this week.)

~ write at least one paper for my certification course (February sounds like a good month.)

~ write one guest post per month (I thought I could write two . . . not gonna happen.)

~ polish a picture book manuscript every other month (The list of agents is sitting by my computer. That’s a step in the right direction.)

~ write a short piece for a paying market each month (Maybe I’ll aim for two pieces this month to make up for missing January.)

Submission Goals

~ guest post (I think I’ll go for two this month.)

~ picture book manuscript (I can do this.)

~ short piece (Chicken Soup, here I come.)

~ read one book per month (I’m reading Shah Wharton’s Finding Esta and Kevin Albright’s Finding My Father. I wish I had/took more time to read.)

ROW-Specific Goals

~ pop by a number of my fellow ROWers sites each week (could be better)

~ visit the ROW FB pages (every now and then)

Fitness Goals

~ choose new music for class (It looks like The Biggest Loser Workout Mix Volume 5 is the winner.)

~ visit the gym two to three times a week (not happening; I did choose to walk home from the library instead of getting a ride on Saturday)

~ visit my trainer once per week until I’m done my sessions (I’m thinking I might have to change nights. Thursdays are busy.)

~ eat better (Eh!)

~ drink more water (I’m drinking water while I write this post. Yay!)

~ eat dessert only on the weekend, if at all (I do better if I spend time planning the week’s menu, but that doesn’t happen often enough.)

If you’d like to chat between check-ins, pop by the Facebook group. And if fitness goals made the list for 2013, we’d love to have you over at the ROW80 Fitness group.

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