February 26, 2013

Wednesday again?

Freelance Goals

~ complete co-writing manuscript with Roger (time to make those nit-picky changes, a good sign)

~ edit Michael’s second manuscript (getting back into the swing of it; sometimes not having an imminent deadline makes it too easy to put things off)

~ work with Pirkko to bring her novel from idea to submittable manuscript (She is developing a compelling plot. I love being part of the process. So cool!)

Writing Goals (this round)

~ blog/post five times per week including ROW check-ins (I haven’t developed a blogging schedule yet, but I’m getting five posts up per week.)

~ blogging to include at least one book review per month (I’m not sure that’s going to happen this month. I haven’t been able to complete any of the books I have on the go.)

~ weekly blog posts for Monday Motivation (I’m ahead of schedule. Woohoo!)

~ write at least one paper for my certification course (I think I’ll bump this to Round 2.)

~ write one guest post per month (“To dream the impossible dream . . .”)

~ polish a picture book manuscript every other month (Not gonna happen in the next two days . . . Maybe two in March?)

~ write a short piece for a paying market or enter a contest every other month (“I don’t think so, Tim.”)

Submission Goals (ongoing)

~ guest post (Next month perhaps?)

~ picture book manuscript (Jan . . . Feb . . . Make that March.)

~ short piece or contest entry (See above notation.)

~ read one book per month (Sleep? Who needs sleep?)

ROW-Specific Goals

pop by a number of my fellow ROWers sites each week (hoping to do some “visiting” this week)

~ visit the ROW FB pages (too long neglected)

Fitness Goals

~ choose new music for class (Now I have to choose music for my BYOB: Bring Your Own Baby class, but that should be easy. “The Wheels on the Bus” . . . anyone?)

~ do more cardio (I’m making plans to get together weekly with a friend, a step in the right direction. Please, please, please forgive the pun.)

~ visit the gym two to three times a week (Yeah, sure!)

~ visit my trainer once per week until I’m done my sessions (given to my daughter)

~ eat better (somewhat)

~ drink more water (It’s becoming my “go to” beverage more often.)

~ eat dessert only on the weekend (Healthy food is again becoming more appealing. Nine times out of ten, desserts look better than they actually taste. You’d think I’d learn that.)

If you’d like to chat between check-ins, pop by the Facebook group. And if fitness goals made the list for 2013, we’d love to have you over at the ROW80 Fitness group.

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