January 23, 2013

Seriously? Time for another check-in already?

Freelance Goals

~ complete co-writing manuscript with Client 1 (possibly by the end of Round 1) (We’re going to leave Chapter 8 to simmer for a bit and move onto Chapter 9. We’ll be chatting on the phone tonight.)

~ work with Client #2 to bring her novel from idea to submittable manuscript (This will likely take the whole year.) (to begin in February)

Writing Goals (this round)

~ blog/post six times per week including ROW check-ins (The plan is to post a book review as well as this check-in today. I’m also thinking it’s time for another Confessions of a Horrible Housekeeper post. If you saw my house, you’d understand why. Hm, there’s an idea. While some people post their magazine-worthy pics, I can post my where’s-a-shovel-when-you-need-one pics.)

~ blogging to include at least one book review per month (Review #1 – Coming to a Blog Near You)

~ weekly blog posts for Monday Motivation (I’ve been writing these mid-week. That’s so much better than getting a reminder on Sunday. [grin])

~ write at least one paper for my certification course (I’ve chosen my topics. I should really get at it. I’d love to have the course requirements done in no more than 18 months.)

~ write two guest posts per month (I have three prospects on the horizon. Time to brainstorm some themes. Now, if I could only get inspiration and time concurrently.)

~ polish a picture book manuscript every other month (How about this week?)

~ write a short piece for a paying market each month (There are eleven days – make that nine days – left in January. I can do this.)

Submission Goals (ongoing)

~ guest posts (There is still time to submit two pieces this month, but I best get at it.) (Hm, I’ve read that before somewhere.)

~ picture book manuscript(s) (Last week I said, “This week!” Maybe this week? It’s still on the Action Plan for this week.)

~ short piece(s) (Two this week or one this week and one next . . . we’ll see. Can I make Friday, my “day off,” a writing day? Looks like I really should.)

~ read one to two books per month (I’m reading Shah Wharton’s Finding Esta and Kevin Albright’s Finding My Father. Twenty-thirteen Book Review #1 coming soon; hopefully, today.)

ROW-Specific Goals

~ visit many of you at least once per week (Looks like it’ll be Thursday this week.)

~ pop by regularly to the ROW FB pages (must do this more)

Fitness Goals

~ practice routine for the class I’ll be leading (The first class went well. I just have to pick some better music. I called the class Fit, Fun, and Fabulous. I really want it to be fun. Maybe I should have gone with my hubby’s suggestion: “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?”) 

~ do more cardio (When the weather warms up, I may have to start walking outside. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take my camera and the walk can serve a dual purpose.)

~ visit the gym two to three times a week <averting eyes and trying to come up with legit excuses>

~ visit my trainer once per week until I’m done my sessions (This week . . . it’s gotta happen this week.)

~ eat better (not too bad)

~ drink more water (The cold weather is not conducive to drinking water.)

~ eat dessert only on the weekend, if at all (Not exactly . . . but I am doing better.)

If you’d like to chat between check-ins, pop by the Facebook group. And if fitness goals made the list for 2013, we’d love to have you over at the ROW80 Fitness group.

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