January 30, 2013

I don’t want to bore you with the same old format for my last January ROW check-in, so I thought I’d do things a little differently.

My goals, I have a lot of them,

I read and blog and dream,

My fitness and my writing goals

 Take a lot of steam.

Sometimes I’m raring; here I go,

Another checkmark made,

Sometimes I fail at coming close,

I’d get a lousy grade.

But I’m not looking for a grade,

Except for CAPPA’s tests,

I simply want to plug along

And do my very best.

I want to grow and do the things

That I am meant to do,

I want my life to count for much,

This, I know, is true.

For with each day that passes by

I want to leave my mark,

I want to do important things,

Not stumble in the dark.

So when my goals are right on track,

I’ll keep pushing on,

And when they need revising some,

I’ll sing a different song.

Distracting things will come my way,

Some I should ignore,

But other things are blessings great,

A brand new open door.

So for this week, it’s wisdom I

Must seek at every turn,

Achieve some goals, lay others down,

Each lesson hope to learn.

And for the week ahead of you,

Each step along the way,

I hope it flows with joys immense,

Have a wond’rous day.

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