July 3, 2013


I’ve written four Monday Motivation posts and added a couple of book reviews here . . . a good start.


I am on track to “finish” one project this week. (You never know what changes the author might make that require another read-through down the line, but that’s OK.)


OK, so it’s not a paying market, but it’s worth a mention that I applied to be a regular blogger over at The Write Practice. If they chose me, it would be amazing. Check it out. You might want to apply as well. (I promise to cheer for you, even if you get it and I don’t.)


– continue with my Bible reading (check)

– read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month (This month I am actively reading four novels. I have to get busy reading some of the wonderful non-fiction books that are scattered about.)

– read at least one book for my certification course (Yeah, see above. :D)

ROW-related Goals

– check in once per week (twice this week . . . we’ll see how it goes)

– as a sponsor, faithfully visit and comment on your websites (on track so far :))


– walk 3x/wk for at least a half hour (went for a walk with Hubby Monday night)

– resistance training 3-4 x/wk (once so far this week)

– eat better (What? Salsa and tortilla chips and a large iced coffee aren’t good choices?)

Labour Doula

I was chosen by a mom whose estimated due date is in September. <throwing confetti and cheering>

Another, whose EDD is in December, will decide later in the summer.

Pregnancy Fitness Educator

I will run classes again in the fall. For now, I will work on the reading and written assignments.

Don’t forget to visit your fellow ROWers on Facebook and join those of us with fitness goals at ROW80 Fitness.

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