June 19, 2013

I’ve copied and pasted my goals from the first check-in of this round and made note of how I’ve done. This may not be pretty, but here goes . . .

For someone who doesn’t like to run, I’ve been darting from one thing to the next. Craziness! My apologies for missing the past two check-ins and being two days late with this one.

At any rate, here’s where things stand . . .


~ puttering along with three clients (If I’m not mistaken about which three clients I was referring to, I am finished with the first, almost finished with the second, and still in the process with the third.)

~ will add a fourth to next week’s schedule (Again, if memory serves, I am waiting on this client’s go-ahead to complete the project.)

~ awaiting word from two others before I proceed (Yeah . . . no . . . I am going to have to start using initials. I don’t even know who I was talking about here. Sigh!)


~ writing for paying markets (more likely to happen now that my writers’ group is starting up again; this year’s theme: Go Deeper) (I have done some writing, though I haven’t sold anything as of yet.)

~ blog beyond ROW check-ins (I’m going to limit my check-ins to once per week and again add blogging about my eclectic interests to my schedule.) (I’ve done a little more but still not as much as I’d like.)


~ with an increase in writing for paying markets, this will follow naturally (And it has. I have three or four picture book manuscripts with potential agents and a piece with Chicken Soup. I’ll let you know in Round 4 if I get any nibbles.)

~ also considering entering some writing contests this year (I haven’t done so yet, but the year isn’t quite half over.)


~ follow Bible reading plan (I’ve actually been reading more than I originally intended.)

~ non-fiction (The list is extensive, but for now, the most important is a school-specific manual of style to make sure I do all I can for one of my editing clients. Secondly, I want to read what’s required for my certifications.) (I’ve been reading more but not as much non-fiction as I should.)

~ fiction (I have three novels on the go and have been trying to devote some time to each over the course of the week.) (While I’ve temporarily shelved those three novels, I have read a fun YA book, The Summer I Became a Nerd, and I should be done DiAnn Mills’ The Survivor by the end of the week. Truth be told, I was in a funk after my position as church administrator ended and watched way too much TV.)


ROW Specific Goals

~ visit at least five fellow ROWers weekly (I did more visiting but not as much as I would have liked. I am a sponsor for the next round, so I’ll be there with bells on . . . Perhaps, I should research the history of that phrase. Especially as writers, we should know what we’re really saying . . . That’s why I bought Unfortunate English. I really should get back to reading it . . . SQUIRREL!)

Fitness Goals

~ activity breaks (I plan to add these to my daily routine. I sit in front of the computer for long periods of time – as many people do.) (another of those doing-better-but-still-a-ways-to-go things)

~ cardio (I will start walking with a friend again next week. The classes I lead each week include some cardio but not a lot.) (long way to go with this one)

~ resistance (I’m adding a little resistance work to one of my fitness classes. However, I must get back at it between classes.) (I’ve been increasing my weights again. Endurance is good, but I do want to seriously start building some muscles and burning some fat.)

~ eat better (still moving in the right direction – slowly) (yeah, what I said before)

~ watch what I drink (Now that we have a Tassimo and a Keurig, I have to watch my flavoured coffee intake.) (I don’t drink many hot drinks unless the weather is cool, so I’m doing better now that the summer weather is here.)

Volunteer Responsibilities

~ keeping up all right (Things slow down in the summer. Yay!)

Family Time

~ spend regular time with immediate family members (cherishing every moment)

~ connect with extended family members (Truth be told, I suck at this.)

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