March 13, 2013

Magnifying Glass Pic

A look back (and where I am now) . . .

Freelance Goals

~ complete co-writing manuscript with Client #1 (In the near future, we are getting together for some serious revamping. This may be the end of my involvement. It has been a privilege.)

~ work with Client #2 to bring her novel from idea to submittable manuscript (PR’s storyline and character sketches are really taking shape. I think she has the makings of a compelling story. This is going to be great.)


~ work on Client #3’s second book (There is no imminent deadline, but I hope to be done early in Round 2.)

Writing Goals (this round)

~ blog/post six times per week including ROW check-ins (I’ve backed this off to five times per week and have been pretty much able to stick with that.)

~ blogging to include at least one book review per month (So far I’m on track.)

~ weekly blog posts for Monday Motivation (Shock of shocks . . . I’m actually ahead of the game. If I can, I’m going to write four posts the last week of each month. That was I can stay ahead.)

~ write at least one paper for my certification course (I may or may not get this done during Round 1.)

~ write two guest posts per month (I’ve fired off one. I think I have to back this off to one per month. I think that will be more doable.)

~ polish a picture book manuscript every other month (I’m teaching a Make Your Own Picture Book midweek class at church. It is motivating me to polish up some of the manuscripts I have on file and fire them off to agents. I’ll let you know when I get a nibble . . . or better yet, when I sign with an agent or sell to a publisher. I’ll be the one hooting and hollering. You won’t need to read it here.)

~ write a short piece for a paying market on the alternating months (I’m putting together a piece this week . . . but it’s not a paying market. Oh, well!)

Submission Goals (ongoing)

~ guest posts (one done since the last check-in)

~ picture book manuscript(s) (See above.)

~ short piece(s) (See above.)

Reading Goals

~ read one to two books per month (By the end of the workday, my brain doesn’t seem to want to process words on a page.)

ROW-Specific Goals

~ visit many of you at least once per week (“The best laid plans . . .)

~ pop by regularly to the ROW FB pages (not as often as I would have liked)

Fitness Goals

~ practice routine for the class I’ll be leading (I’ll be developing Routine #2 for my prenatal class and am in the midst of teaching a BYOB – Bring Your Own Baby class as well.)

~ do more cardio (I’ve started walking with a friend once a week. It isn’t much, but it’s a start.)

~ visit the gym two to three times a week (ah . . . no)

~ visit my trainer once per week until I’m done my sessions (I’ve given my last five sessions to my daughter, but she taught me a lot and was a huge encouragement.)

~ eat better (The spirit is willing, but the taste buds are weak . . . and I have trouble being motivated to prep food when I come home from work. No excuses. That’s just me.)

~ drink more water (Since emotionally I’m reacting badly to sweetened drinks, this should be easier if I just remind my a French Vanilla is not worth the anxiety it causes.)

~ eat dessert only on the weekend, if at all <giggle, giggle, snort>

A look ahead with new determination . . .

~ follow the Bible reading plan five days per week

~ submit at least one picture book manuscript before Round 2 begins

~ exercise five to six times per week for at least 30 minutes

~ spend at least an hour (two on Fridays) working on non- Church Admin paying responsibilities or study for certification

~ read for pleasure at least once per week but preferably far more often

If you’d like to chat between check-ins, pop by the Facebook group. And if fitness goals made the list for 2013, we’d love to have you over at the ROW80 Fitness group.

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