March 25, 2013

Paper and Paper Clips

This week is shaping up well.

Here are my goals for the final four days of this round:

~ work on edits for RL (The publication of his first book is getting closer and closer.)

~ chat with PR on Wednesday (She is almost ready to begin writing her novel. How exciting!)

~ possibly work on DM’s D. Min. proposal (At least, I’ll read more of the style guide and dig into the newest edition of Turabian.)

~ transcribe 5-10 newsletters for MBR’s new book

~ post to my blog five times

~ decide on a market or writing contest I’d like to submit to

~ read from the Scriptures, a non-fiction and a fiction book daily (I’m reading more. I love it!)

~ finish editing/making suggestions for our staff manual at work

So, fellow ROWers – and other writers – what is your top writing goal for the week ahead?

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