May 12, 2013

Be Quiet Smiley

Let’s begin with a few true confessions . . .

Since my job at the church ended, I found out some things about myself. Actually, “rediscovered” is a better word.

I’ve learned that I like staying up late and sleeping in. Now, that wouldn’t be a bad thing if I kept busy during my waking hours. However . . .

I’ve also rediscovered that I am, by nature – sigh! – lazy.

Did you know that playing Tetris and watching episode after episode of Numbers does not constitute great accomplishments?

One of the ladies at church suggested I take a holiday before knuckling down to my freelance work. OK, let’s call these two weeks my holidays. In that case, I haven’t done too badly. So, with that in mind, here’s my official check-in.


I’ve pretty much finished up with Client #1. I’m going to write the first draft of his cover copy today and then, I’ll probably be done until we work on his second book in the fall.

I’ve gone through Client #2’s manuscript a couple of times, made suggestions for improving it as well as copy editing it, and am waiting to hear back from him.


I have prepped a number of picture book manuscripts for submission. I gave myself the goal of submitting three before my next writers’ group meeting the last Tuesday of the month. I just may make it.

I also began working on the first chapter of my long-neglected novel with the lesson from Don McNair’s book in mind. (See review below.)


I’ve been doing more reading, both fiction and non-fiction. I’d get a lot more done if I turned the TV off.

Business Endeavours

I have set up my website. (What was supposed to take 20 minutes took the best parts of the morning.) After checking a few things, I’ll let you know where you can find it. 🙂


I’ve been doing more visiting to fellow ROWers’ sites. It’s good to be doing so again.

I’m touching base with my fellow ROW80 Fitness FB group a little more regularly.

Pregnancy Fitness Educator Certification Requirements

I’ve been studying the manual daily for a week now, a good start.

I have seven of the ten evaluations I need from clients. I’ll have to teach another class. Maybe we can do some walking and hand-weight upper body work outside now that the weather is getting more springlike.


Though my eating still has a long way to go, I have been walking more and doing more resistance training.

Family Time

As you may have noticed, I wrote a poem in honour of my mom and changed my profile and cover pictures on Facebook with Mother’s Day in mind. Funny how one’s mom keeps teaching her things even after she’s gone.

I spent time with each family member this past weekend. ’twas nice.

Volunteer Responsibilities

I’m puttering along. That whole being lazy thing means I’ve allowed myself some downtime. However, I think I’m moving forward again . . . slowly.

All in all, I guess I’m doing OK, especially if I consider these two weeks holidays, in which case, I have one more day off. Woohoo! Maybe I’ll watch another episode of Numbers before I head out tonight.

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