May 5, 2013

ROW LogoLast Week’s Victories


~ finished up with RL (until we begin working on his second book in the fall; how cool is that)

~ completed first edit of RS’s manuscript

~ reworked Chapter 1 of a novel I began working on in 2007


~ completed blog post “10 Questions to Ask Before Responding”


~ read from non-fiction books pertaining to personal training and writing

~ read from one of the novels I have on the go

As a Doula

~ attended a birth early Tuesday morning and was still able to make it for my last day in the church office (Loved it!)

As a Personal Trainer/Exerciser

~ moderate full-body workout

~ walked one hour with a friend Thursday night

~ walked a second hour with another friend/client Friday morning while doing arm exercises most of the way

This Week’s Opportunities


~ go over RS’s manuscript one again

~ add five or more transcribed newsletters to MBR’s manuscript

~ further rework Chapter 1 of my novel, using Don McNair’s Editor Proof Your Writing


~ five blog posts

~ piece for a paying market or writing contest


~ submit one children’s picture book manuscript and one piece to either a paying market or writing contest


~ Leviticus 9-15

~ Chapters 9 & 10 of Worship Matters

~ text for Personal Training CECs

~ at least part of one of the books from the required reading list for my CPFE certification

~ Don McNair’s book

~ at least five chapters of the novel Finding My Father


~ visit five fellow ROWers (Monday – Check)

As a Doula

~ take some business cards and/or postcards to local parenting centre and perhaps, some other locations

~ look into the possibility of setting up a self-hosted website (I began the process on Monday. The site will be for the promotion of several of my eclectic interests.)

As a Personal Trainer/Exerciser

~ walk for 30 minutes five times

~ resistance training three times

~ teach a class

And where will I find the time?

~ delete games from my phone (Sunday – Check)

~ limit my TV viewing

~ prep a daily schedule including approximate times for each activity

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