September 1 2013

“Today I shall behave as if this is the day I will be remembered.” – attributed to Dr. Seuss

I read this on Facebook and thought, “Exactly!”

This is one of my primary aims for the last leg of Round 3 – and beyond.

Stephen Covey suggests we imagine what we’d like said at our funeral and live in such a way that it will be the case.

While I do have grand plans, sometimes things get in the way. Life does happen.


Total lack of ambition.

Family time (a good “distraction”).

So, I can 1) kick myself for not getting everything done that I’d hoped; 2) throw up my hands and say, “Why bother?” or 3) rest when I need to; push myself to at least do something; and always, always, always allow family time to push other things down the priority scale.

With that in mind, these are my tentative goals for the coming week.

Family Time

– hang out with my daughter and watch some TV we enjoy just ‘cuz

– finish watching We Bought a Zoo with my daughter and hubby

– chat with Sons #1 and #2


– finish the line edit of my client’s first eight chapters.

– whatever else comes along this week


– prayer journal daily

– at least one blog post for SNEI plus ROW check-ins

– three posts for Monday Motivation

– a picture book manuscript


– two picture book manuscripts


– read the Bible each day

– read a chapter in Worship Matters

– finish Sketch Behavior


– walk two or three times

– two upper body workouts

– two lower body workouts

– eat better


Writers, Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days will be beginning soon. Check it out!

If you sign on, you can also keep in touch via the ROW80 Facebook group.

And last but not least, if you have fitness goals and could benefit from some casual accountability and a great cheering section, join us on the ROW80 Fitness group.

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