This Week’s Do’s and Don’ts

As a follow up on my last check-in . . . I’m still having trouble kicking myself in the backside to get things done. (I’m less flexible than I was when I was younger – tee hee.)

This Week’s Do’s

~ add to Mike’s manuscript (I have hard copies of the devotionals he would like included.)

~ submit queries/picture book manuscripts to five agents

~ research a potential market and share with the members of the new Facebook group, Scribblers Submitting

~ visit five fellow ROWers

~ read more in Writing Children’s Books, Editor-Proof Your Writing, Finding My Father, Worship Matters, a text for my certification, Gospel Centered Life, and my daily Bible reading

~ post five conversation starters on The Word Guild Facebook page

~ go for a walk/cardio exercise at least five times

~ do a resistance workout 3-4 times

~ eat better (more meal planning and more time in the kitchen)

~ drink more water

~ putter some around the house (“some” is a step up from “hardly at all”)

~ maybe/perhaps/not likely help with the yard work (This is my hubby’s domain, but I may break down and actually help a little. He has time off. Our property should look much nicer by the end of the week.)

This Week’s Don’ts

~ don’t veg for endless hours in front of the TV

~ don’t play Tetris (which I have deleted from my phone again)

~ don’t allow my body and brain to get overtired (This means going to bed earlier and starting my day with physical activity.)

~ don’t sit around in my jammies until noon

~ don’t isolate myself – unless I’m motoring along with a writing project or studying for my certification

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If you’re so inclined, join us on ROW80 Fitness as well.

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