Attack Plan

I sit with my To Do list before me. There are several options as to how I prep and follow through on my list.

Here are some options I’ve tried. Perhaps, one will work well for you. And if you have other ideas, please let me know. I’d love to hear about them.

1. Do a little bit of everything each day. Progress in any given area is slow, but it keeps things interesting.

2. Focus on one main thing each day. I find I make more progress of I stick with something for a considerable amount of time. I feel more satisfaction at the end of the day, knowing I made serious headway.

As far as the order of things goes…

1. Even though I don’t always succeed, it is my goal to do what’s most important first: committing the day to the Lord and reading the Bible.

2. Next, I should probably do the things that have the potential to earn an income. We do have bills to pay. This rarely…no, scratch that…never is the second thing I do. I have what you could call cyber ADD (and am easily distracted by the sound of the mail carrier on our porch – even though the only things that come in the mail anymore are newspapers and flyers).

3. Third, I suppose I should do some things around the house. (That, however, is often relegated to I-need-that-to-prepare-supper-so-I-should-wash-it or we’re-expecting-company times. See Confessions… above.)

4. I have skills development reading to do and reading to complete for my doula certification program. If I’m doing a little bit of everything each day, this must happen before I’m too bleary-eyed to focus.

5. Social networking should likely come later in the day. I’m getting better, though. I’m signing out more often and not watching the numbers constantly to see who might have sent me an email, updated their Facebook status, or tweeted something I must read NOW. *grin* *sigh*

6. I’m doing way better in the area of TV viewing than I did in days gone by. For the most part, I only watch shows I want to see – I don’t just veg – and usually, I watch with someone else.

7. So errands and those unplanned for events have to fit in there somewhere, but it’s a matter of relegating a reasonable amount of time to each and not getting sidetracked from what must get done.

And, after all that…

I still come to the conclusion that there’s a bigger plan at work than I’m aware of. Sometimes those “distractions” guide me exactly where I need to go.

So, in the end, I’ll make my plans and leave each day in the hand of the One who gave it to me.

Bless each of you as you each develop your personalized attack plans.

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