One Step at a Time

This week, I’ve decided to clear some of those things off my To Do list that have been there far too long.

Most days I try to accomplish far too much. Because I set unrealistic goals, I often get discouraged and don’t even accomplish what I could, but I’m learning.

Here are some practical steps for making serious headway.

1. Each day choose one thing to accomplish that you’ve been putting off.

2. Instead of trying to do a little bit of everything each day, devote the day – or a significant part of it – to one thing you want to get done. For example, I am working on finishing up my birth doula certification requirements. If I devoted a full day to this, I could make tremendous headway.

3. And for those big projects…break them down into smaller segments. Be pleased when you get even a little done.

4. It might be a good idea to work backwards. Start by doing those things you’ve been putting off the longest. They probably weigh on you the heaviest, and it will feel great when you can cross them off the list.

5. I often put off things I don’t particularly enjoy. Again, doing one per day can help get them done without overloading you.

6. Don’t add anything to your To Do list that isn’t absolutely necessary without clearing off some, if not all, of the long neglected items.

A word of warning…If you’re like me, it’s possible to stay at one thing too long. When I was tidying up the master bedroom, I found myself getting aggravated. It may be wise to quit before you reach that stage.

Let’s give procrastination the boot.

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